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Who We Are ?

Alois Kohrer GmBH is a quality supplier of assured beef products to retailers, and butchers professionals across Europe. We’re a family run business with a reputation that’s built on quality, service, and efficiency, all backed up with over 50 years of farming heritage and experience in the meat industry.

Why Choose Us?

Our careful sourcing process has been developed over many years to identify the best producers around the world. Once we find the most skilled farmers and we build working relationships with them. Using our combined expertise and experience, we review their techniques, ensuring the surroundings and lifestyle of animals combine perfectly to create products of the highest standard.

These strong ties allow us to work closely with award-winning chefs and butchers to develop unique products which fit their exact specifications. With one of our finest producers, we have created an exclusive selection of sensational sausages, which have received the highest accolades including multiple Sausage Of The Year Awards.

 We have also had success in the FreeFrom Awards as well as Great Taste Awards, in which we received the highest 3-star rating for a number of our products. This is a result of the time we invest in sourcing and developing our exclusive range. We have established our Hereford and Aberdeen Angus Schemes to ensure we maintain the highest standard of beef. A closed group of farmers has to meet certain criteria to guarantee the distinct flavors and texture which make these select breeds world renowned.

Our meticulous methods ensure unrivalled quality throughout our collections. The wealth of experience gathered since 90’s has enabled us to source the finest produce and as a result, we have become a premium food purveyor in London. We are the chef’s choice in the capital’s vibrant restaurant scene.

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